Intensive Home Based Treatment (IHBT)

ihbtpicWelcome to Ravenwood’s Intensive Home Based Treatment¬† (IHBT) Program!

This is a comprehensive family treatment program designed to work with children and families who are experiencing mental health or behavioral symptoms across home and/or school settings. It is designed to prevent out-of-home placement of youth with severe emotional disturbance or recovery issues.


This program was chosen by Ravenwood because it has been proven effective! Families that have completed this program report feeling happier and feeling more connected as a family. Parents report less difficulty managing children and the problems of the household.

Treatment is provided in the families’ natural environment at hours and times convenient for the family. ¬†Treatment is time-limited, lasting three to six months per family, depending on the seriousness of the problems and the success of the interventions. Services are available¬†to each family 24-hours per day, 7 days a week. For each family, the frequency, duration, and intensity of face-to-face contact will vary in accordance with the needs and treatment gains experienced by the family.