Transitional Living Center


Chardon, Ohio 44024

The Transitional Living Center (TLC) provides a 24/7 supervised living environment to severely mentally ill adults needing such supervision and support to enhance development of skills for greater independence.  TLC staff work with community psychiatric supportive treatment workers, the assertive community treatment team or the referring treatment team to help ensure residents are appropriately linked to services necessary to successful recovery and later return to independent housing when possible.

The Transitional Living Center Residential Program provides consumers with housing that is safe, affordable and designed to meet individual needs in a 24/7 supervised setting.  The TLC is operated in coordination with Ravenwood’s Emergency Services Department, and the clinicians from that program offer supervision and consultation with regard to the care of the residents.  Staff persons monitor the self administration of medications, meal preparation and personal care, while modeling and encouraging residents to develop and practice appropriate daily living skills.  TLC can also provide short-term respite and crisis bed services to persons needing a diversion or transition from a psychiatric hospital setting or to prevent further decompensation and subsequent psychiatric admission.  In some cases the crisis bed may be used to provide temporary shelter to a Geauga County resident with a mental illness who is also homeless.

This program supports recovery through several means – including the provision of a safe, supervised alternative to hospitalization, support and skill development to foster movement through the recovery process, the creation with the consumer of a written plan to support this recovery process (Individual Resiliency Plan), partial hospitalization and art therapy provided, and housing supportive of the individual recovery plans.


Geauga County resident or out of county resident contracted with the facility age 18 and older with an eligible SPMI diagnosis that requires 24/7 supervision to maintain health and safety.


Extended Beds:

Applicant must be:

  • a Geauga County resident or referred by a contracted county and 18 years of age or older
  • have an eligible SPMI diagnosis (DSM 5) and require 24/7 supervision to maintain health and safety but are not actively dangerous to self or others.
  • screened by and willing to be followed by the Emergency Services Program at Ravenwood Health
  • experiencing stress and mental health problems intensified by his/her current living environment and/or…
  • being discharged…street homeless (Geauga residents only), and able to benefit…
  • have no recent history of violence subject to the discretion of the Program Supervisor
  • not in need of detoxification or have indications of alcohol or illegal drugs in system at time of admission
  • can bathe feed and clothe themselves without physical assistance – are competent to self administer medications
  • are competent to self administer medications
  • do not have special dietary needs beyond menu planning and monitoring
  • willing to have a physical typically prior to admission
  • willing to abide by facility rules

Crisis Beds:

Admission Criteria: The Transitional Living Center will serve persons who:

  • are Geauga County residents at least 18 years or older;
  • have an Axis I primary diagnosis (DSM IV), and require 24/7 supervision to maintain health and safety;
  • have no recent history (within 3 months prior to admission) of violence (subject to the clinical discretion of the program supervisor);
  • are not going through detoxification at the time of residency;
  • are not actively dangerous to self or others;
  • are not in need of skilled nursing care;
  • can bathe, feed and clothe themselves without physical assistance;
  • are competent to self administer medications per the results of the Medication Competency Assessment;
  • do not have special dietary needs beyond menu planning and diet self-monitoring (i.e., requires mechanical, soft or puree diets).
  • are willing to have a physical prior to residency, unless an emergency situation, when this can be done up to one week after admission or proof provided of a physical from the thirty day period prior to the admission to the TLC.


Mental Health Assessment if needed Crisis Intervention 24/7
Substance use assessment
Nursing services
Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment
Individual therapy
PHP and dual PHP off site
Supportive Employment Services
Individual Resiliency Plans
Daily therapeutic intervention and support of independent living skills
Medication monitoring and supervision of self administration of medication
Transition back to independent living with comprehensive community based support, if applicable


Geauga County Job and Family Services, Probate Court, Geauga Metropolitan Housing Authority, Womensafe, Pleasant Hill Home.


Services are accessed through the Emergency Services Program.  Four (4) Extended beds and five (5) Crisis beds are available.  Support services are available through Ravenwood Health.

Services are accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week through the Emergency Services program at Ravenwood Health. During business hours, please call 440-285-3568 and ask for Emergency Services. After hours, please call CopeLine at 440-285-5665 or 1-888-285-5665.