This is a 6-8 week Pre-Contemplative group for adolescents consisting of psycho-education and group therapy. When people are in the Pre-Contemplation Stage of Change, they typically do not consider their behavior to be a problem. This may be because they have not yet experienced any negative consequences of their behavior, or it may be a result of their perception about the negativity and/or severity of the consequences they have experienced During group, the teen will explore their substance use patterns and hopefully make the choice to change their behaviors while moving through the Stages of Change from Pre-Contemplative to Contemplative or Action Stage. Teens who are early in their use and have a mild to moderate frequency of use would be prime candidates for this group.

How to Register: Teens who are recommended after intake or their alcohol or drug assessment. Teens can be court ordered or voluntary. Families can call the office and request participation.

When & Where: Thursday evenings 3:30-5:30pm; Located at RMHC South Street Site

Funding: Insurance, Medicaid, Subsidy; United Way

Location & Contact

695 South Street in Chardon, Ohio
Phone: 440-286-1631
Fax: 440-286-1634

We are housed in the same building as the Adult Partial Hospitalization Program which meets 5 days a week


Dual Diagnosis Program Director: Kate Gehlfuss LPCC-S
Forensic Therapist: Jeniffer Marut LPCC-S
IOP Coordinator: Samantha Jackson LPC
Dual Clinician/ IOP Co-Facilitator: Rich Venn LPC
Dual Clinician: Kimberly Stamey CT
Prevention Specialist/ Outreach: Mary Alice Bell
Office Coordinator: Renee Maffo