Supported Employment

Job Placement

For individuals who are ready to work – we provide assistance seeking and obtaining paid employment.

Ticket To Work Program (click here)

Job Coaching

During the intial start of employment, a job coach provides on-site support and training necessary for the new employee to learn specific job duties, worksite policies, how to get along with other employees and supervisor, and other skills necessary for success.

 Community Assessment

Community Assessment

Staff work with persons who are contemplating employment to ascertain their readiness, skills, and explore possible employment areas.

Follow Along Services

Regular, monthly follow-up is provided to help assure employment success.

Benefits Counseling

Counseling is provided to help job seekers understand how employment will effect specific benefits.

Job Club

The Job Club helps to provide information, training, and support during all phases of job seeking and employment.

For more information call:
Megan or Nikki at 440-286-2588