ACTgrouppictACT is administered through Ravenwood Health and provides a non-traditional treatment approach to mental health consumers. ACT is designed to reach consumers who have a severe mental illness who may not be able to engage in or benefit from traditional mental health treatment services. The team’s goal is for consumers to achieve stability while living as independently as possible so that their illness is not the driving force of their lives and their sole identity. ACT Supervisor Brian Ayer said, “the most critical role and the success of the program is in the relationships that our case workers have with our clients”.

The ACT team is an interdisciplinary team consisting of a psychiatrist, a master’s level clinician, a nurse, two community psychiatric support workers and a peer support worker. If needed, help with employment services, housing and substance abuse services are also available. ACT members meet daily to assess consumer needs and manage any crisis that develops.

Participants in ACT receive individualized care designed to meet their specific needs. Family members and significant others are involved in the treatment planning process as well as in the consumer’s care, if appropriate.

Participants learn to anticipate problems or deterioration in their condition and how to respond effectively to these challenges. They also learn how to develop coping and problem solving skills to help them manage subsequent crises more successfully. Brian said that “when we treat our clients with the dignity and respect that they deserve, they are able to see there is more to them than their illness”.

ACT Works

Outcome data from July 2009 to January 2010:

  • 80% of ACT participants did not require any psychiatric hospitalization
  • 93% of ACT participants were able to live independently
  • 93% of ACT participants experienced a decrease in crisis intervention interactions from the team

To learn more about ACT and the criteria for admission, please contact Brian Ayer at Ravenwood Health at 440-285-3568.